Wrapping up 2018


2018 will remain for me the year I chose art above anything else. It’s time to start 2019 and partly switch to canvas and acrylics (can’t wait).

It will productive as I intend to launch myself in work. The goal is to arrive in november with a significant number of good pieces that could be gathered in a small booklet: “Flesh” (stay tuned).





nude girl artistic nude

Yes, it’s a bit of a drug, a good one if you ask me… It’s also about how brave and generous she was, that trust is priceless.

42×61 cms. Chalk and charcoal on kraft paper, tough materials, it will last. 150$, free shipping.


RIP Dave

I loved that guy.

3 years. That day, I drew what had always fascinated me, his eye… Sharp, nearly hard, going deep into things, I would have loved to meet him.


Nap time


nude bed erotic drawing
Nap time

Nap time. 

It was all about the light, the relaxed stretching, that happy tension… a quick drawing, in the instant.

40×30 cms, Chalk and charcoal on kraft paper.