Leon Gomez

Nude drawings mostly

Leon Gomez

Selling art, how it all started…


That night in Paris, years ago. I was smoking Karim’s delicious weed, late at night, while he was browsing the drawings of the day in my folder. He pulled out and showed me two little inks and just dropped: “how much for these two?”.

I thought and answered “get out of here”.

He looked at me with some sort of pity and just dropped: “look mate, you are going to draw them, the next 5000 drawings, right?” Yes of course. “Then sell them, stupid!”.

And he added: “OK, you won’t take money but I’ll give you these two bags of weed for them, deal?”

That’s how it started. I don’t smoke much anymore.

But here we go: the bargains corner. Everything at 20 $ 🙂


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