Leon Gomez

Nude drawings mostly


I started drawing without any idea I could sell any. Here is a funny anecdote how it all started. I got slowly used to the idea and here we are.

I sell sketches and studies that I think are worth something on eBay, the idea is that not everybody has lots to spend: for 20 $ people can afford something they enjoy.

Master girl

That drawing is special to me. It has attracted quite a lot of attention along the years, including Singapore (circa 2004) at a time when the island wasn’t so relaxed with nudity. I was so naive…
60×80 cms. Watercolor and a bit of pencil.
200$ free shipping.



nude girl artistic nude

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150$ free shipping







nude drawing erotic nudegirl bondage tied whipped

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60 $ Free shipping




At Night

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150$ Freeshipping





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50$ Free shipping


Nap Time

nude bed erotic drawing

Nap time


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Point of view


Well a lot in life is about having a point of view…

Mix of pencil, ink, chalk on kraft paper. 50×60 approx.


Going to California and its new owner, Cameron, many thanks to you…






Past sales on eBay – with many thanks ๐Ÿ™‚