Leon Gomez

Nude drawings mostly


I hesitated a lot before joining Patreon. If you don’t know what Patreon is, in a nutshell, the idea is to pledge some money to creators in order to sponsor them, a sort of modern 2.0 patronage. In my old school education, money has to be earned and patronage, a long tradition, can be noble but I felt uncomfortable with it still (impostor complex, working on it).

So I figured out a way that was more than sponsorship and you will find all the details there.

Basically, the patronage I offer is more like an investment in the sense that, after a while, either you get a piece of art at discount price or even free if you have sponsored long enough. It is designed more as a delayed purchase, a way of saving. I based that scheme on my own experience (I do buy art): sometimes I do like an artist’s art piece but not all of them. Or I’m tempted but I want to wait (or I’m broke). I like her/his work but especially one image that resonates with me. Today or later, randomly. It would be nice if it could pay the art materials, maybe one day a little shared studio somewhere. We’ll see. If you decide to pledge a bit, I would feel immensely grateful. There will be goodies 😉

Below will come the exclusive drawings and paintings for Patrons. Stay tuned 🙂