Master girl

I can remember a friend back in the days who said “let’s face it, we create like four or five really interesting pieces a year…”. She sipped her glass and we all noded.

At your level, yes, that’s the awful truth, you produce a few good pieces of work a year, something that will suprise you, where everything seems to fall at the right place. Master girl is one of those, very humbly, God knows my impostor syndrom prevents me from bragging :/

I first showed it in Singapore… yes, that was naive, especially at the time when the island was everything but loose on censorhip. I think it was still mandatory to fill a special form if you were an artist showing nudes of any kind. Not kidding.

It’s a quick drawing but it took years in fact to be at ease with the human body and then let the hand run.

Apart from the theme, very banal in a way, I just still love it. Not for the faint hearted, you need guts to put it on a wall…

60×80 cm. Watercolor, just a few underlying quick lines, brown paper.

Find it in the store. Comments welcome.

Love, peace and art  🙂

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