Nudes (nsfw)






Once in a while you produce a drawing painting, whatever the name, that is like a milestone. This takes place in a series I called “Goddesses” (working on it), well, now there is princess among them…

I had this piece in mind for a long while and I sketched at least 5 or 6 studies in various format. A large one lives in California; now, lucky her 🙂

I don’t know what to say about her, the painting or anything. Is there any need to? I know it’s not for everyone but sod it! I had to.

41×61 cms (yes, it’s not standard…). Pastels Senellier and Rembrandt on 90 g brown paper (double lined in the back for safety).

Recently some buyers mailed me to tell I don’t sell expensive enough; that was nice to say. It made me think. How do I price? It’s not a matter of time spent. I watch around, I check my work according to MY standards and here we go. It will sound cheap or expensive to different people, that price where I stand (and you can make me move maybe, 🙂 ).

Stay safe and happy 🙂