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Recently I had to write a bio for Aysan and an expo he organizes in Milan at that lovely club…

Here we go:

I enjoy Leon’s nudes (among other reasons) because they express a strange mix, quite unsettling, of sexuality and austerity, of apparent rest and controlled pain, a gracious fluidity along an inner tension. I don’t know if he is aware of this when he is focused on the spot, in front of that offered and never-ending mystery of the human body…

For me, art is a survival necessity, a quest to express Eros’ gift to the world, a celebration of the flesh sheltering the red lightning of our soul.

I don’t care about cute poses, aesthetics, socially acceptable art, tradition, whatever, I just love apparitions, images that seem to suddenly appear.

Based in London, French and internationally minded, I have exhibited in various galleries but now I stay on-line, preferring the shadows and the freedom it provides – despite being censored on most social media. Ah, well…



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