Me, myself and I

I drew this on the Eurostar, in business class, how classy. I could feel the grey blue suits thinking “what the hell is he doing here?”. It was way too early to think so I just drew how I felt…

I hate talking about myself. I was brought up in the classic tradition that “the me is  detestable”. And I suffer from a massive impostor syndrome. Nothing will cure it it seems, I’m working on it. I just work to forget it and reach maybe one day the levels, the clouds, the zone I hope and long for.

Art has always been central in my life. I wrote a lot – and a lot of garbage. Some pages still work but not enough of them to build up a book.

At 7 yo, I used to collect old painters prints. Velasquez fascinated me. At 15 I would skip school and go to the Louvre in Paris. I met Rembrandt there on the first trip.

Yeah I’m French, lived in the US, Scandinavia a bit, Asia, French countryside, now London.

I don’t plan to find a “style” (the wrong name for “writing”), I want to stay free to try what I fancy, I don’t show here many abstracts from previous years, anyway I have lost them and the hard drive is fried.

I’m 54, I have practiced “martial arts” (true name Budo, Aikido, Ju Jutsu, etc) since the age of 18. I’m a damn Aquarius Leo and it shows…

Drawing and art are the land of freedom. That thin line between eroticism and poetry is my equation. That’s what I have sold the most along the years but I don’t give up drawing everything I fancy. Selling is a consequence, not a goal.

One day I told my master in drawing “you know what? drawing saved me”. He just dropped “Me too”.

Back to work 😉

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