Pop It


Hello all 🙂


It’s a large pastel painting, at least for me. It irradiates a good mood in the studio, colors can do many things, heal, scare, I guess this one creates a good mood, which is needed nowadays and always 🙂

Pop it, obviously, proudly, unapologetically. Eros is like that, fearless. I asked many women if they felt bad with my drawings (male gaze you know, I’m well aware of that), none said they were, maybe they felt it was about love and celebration before anything else.






65×55 cms, Sennelier pastels on acid free brown paper. As any pastel it is delicate and fresh, I will (free shipping) ship her extra protected. It will need a large place and a fearless owner, you know who you are 😉
I took a few pictures to give a sensation of the color range (the camera had a hard time catching them all…). And the prelimonary study (always fun)


Stay safe
Peace, love and art


I took the habit of adding one of my daily studies with nearly of the drawings I sell on eBay or Etsy. I draw a lot and some of these studies are cute. Pick yours, tell me the number and I will ship it along.


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