Rough love

… but love still

Rough love 80$



I admit it’s not for everyone. Some will see the love beyond, beneath the rough, some won’t… Some moments, some poses provide with a sort of balance, an harmony. Beyond the anecdote, I feel it tells something about passion, abandon, communication.
Quite happy with the sofa leather texture (not the easiest… you need to paint with the feeling of the light given by the canvas, tricky). It’s a solid drawing, hopefully a solid painting.
60×40 cms, Windsor and Newton acrylics, varnished two times (mate invisible) so it won’t take dust, etc.
I took the habit of adding one of my daily studies with nearly of the drawings I sell on eBay or elsewhere. I draw a lot and some of these studies are cute.
I will now add one to every sale as a rule. I have many reasons for this, I have too many, they can be cute, it’s fun, it’s a way to thank some more. Pick yours, tell me the number and I will ship it along.

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