How it all started…
Years ago, in one of these mellow Parisian late nights, I was smoking Karim’s delightful weed while he was browsing the drawings of the day in my folder. He pulled out two little inks and asked: “how much for these two?” I thought and answered “get out of here”.
He looked at me with some sort of pity and just sighed: “look mate, you are going to draw them, the next 5000 drawings, right?” Yes, of course. “Then sell them, stupid!”.And he added: “OK, you won’t take money but I’ll give you these two bags of weed for them, deal?”

It’s not a business, it’s a grace. And whathever the price, I’m deeply grateful.

Two options:

Freeshipping worldwide.

On eBay: all the cheap drawings around 20$
On Etsy: same as below but more expensive (their fees).

Thanks for stopping by 🙂



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