Bargains Corner

A long time ago on art markets, I would leave a folder on the ground with a few words: “Bargains corner”. 10, 20 $…
I sold dozens. People don’t necessary have 200 to spend, they just want something nice and cool, so here we go 🙂

Mostly, these are drawings that didn’t go on eBay and I find it unfair. No more.

Everything is 15 $ + Shipping.
1st one:15, next ones: 10 (fair isn’t it?)


N.B Once you pay on Paypal, I will calculate the shipping costs and send you an invoice.
UK: From 6£ to 9£ (tracked)
International (incl USA): 9£ to 13£ (tracked and signed)


Enjoy 🙂


Suze, A3 ink


Nora 2 A3 ink


Nora A3 ink

Carmen 2, 28×38, ink and watercolor


42 th floor ink study, A3



Stay tuned, more to come 😉

























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