Master Girl

Master Girl

Always been a fascination…


That drawing is special to me. It has attracted quite a lot of attention along the years, including Singapore (circa 2004) at a time when the island wasn’t so relaxed with nudity. I was so naive…

The picture is not very faithful, the colors are less vivid, I’ll change the picture when I have 5 mns. Just be warned 😉

60×80 cms. Watercolor and a bit of pencil. 80$



nude girl artistic nude

Yes, it’s a bit of a drug, a good one if you ask me… It’s also about how brave and generous she was, that trust is priceless.

42×61 cms. Chalk and charcoal on kraft paper, tough materials, it will last. 150$, free shipping.


Nap time


nude bed erotic drawing
Nap time

Nap time. 

It was all about the light, the relaxed stretching, that happy tension… a quick drawing, in the instant.

40×30 cms, Chalk and charcoal on kraft paper.





There is little need to explain here. Elvis says it better:
Just like a willow
We would cry an ocean
If we lost true love
And sweet devotion

I may try it on canvas one day but as for now…

Charcoal and chalk on kraft paper, these are very tough materials, I still own a couple that are 15 years old and they resist time very well. Approx 40×60 cms. 50$ freeshipping.