The rough series: Angel


erotic drawing nude female couple rough


They come in different shapes and (dis)positions… It’s a drawing both spontaneous and careful, a quick pose (less than 10 mns) and colors came afterwards. Not the easiest ever.

Graphite and a bit of watercolor. A3.

It’s not for everyone I’m aware but if it’s you I’m happy you reached that place.

Nap time

Nap time










Always been fascinated by sleeping (or else) people. I have often drawn some models who were delighted to just have a nap at home 🙂 Like her.

If you squint (dim the light by half closing your eyes), hopefully the form will appear, giving a feeling of the light, the presence.

I love pastels. These are Sennelier, the best in da world, a unique quality of pigment.

Now lives in Canada 🙂



nude girl artistic nude

Not apologizing. I know it’s not for everyone but, beyond the pose, I like her hair, her eyes, the ingenuity.

Charcoal, chalk 45×55 cms.

60$ free shipping









Sister drawing of: (I know it’s an obsession, a series that is unlikely to stop)

Both gone…