Selling on eBay is rough. It’s the equivalent of playing in the streets for musicians.

10£. Yes.

When I used to do art markets, in Paris mostly, there was always the suspiscion that the sales were partly triggered by the place itself. It’s a well known phenomenon: the context adds some value, creates it nearly. My impostor syndrom is so strong (I know, working on it) that even after so many drawings gone, I still had that doubt…

On eBay there is none of that. It’s raw, primal. The choice is huge, the buyer is not impulsive as in an art fair. It’s nearly cruel but it brings everybody back to the street level and I like it. I’m very grateful and honored by my buyers. It’s a constant miracle and I’ll never get used to it.

And yes, I sell damn cheap there. Why?

Because not everybody has 200$ to spend. It took the habits on those art fairs and markets. I would leave a folder with all the sketches and studies with a few words “Bargain corner”. 20, single price. Because that is what they are worth according to me. They are good cheap drawings, no more no less.

I find selling very clean. Noone forces you, you buy because you want to. Clean.

So good shopping on Ebay… drawings or not, it’s the world bazaar :))

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